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What does advocacy mean?

Our advocates are here to listen to you, and to support you in making the decisions that are right for you. We believe that everyone can make their own best decisions.  Our job is to support people in the process of decision making.  Our goal is to empower each person to feel confident as they move forward with their decisions and meet their goals.

Legal Advocacy

If you would like assistance to file a police report or obtain a court order to insure your safety, please call or see our legal advocate.  The legal advocate can sit with you during a police interview or help you to make contact with the police.  The advocate can help you obtain the paperwork for court orders, explain the process to you and attend court hearings with you.  The advocate can also refer you to a free legal service (if you are income eligible).  We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, but we can help you find resources.

Systems Advocacy

Often people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or have been the victim of another crime are involved with many social service agencies. An advocate can help you work with these systems.  If you would like help talking with a  landlord, school officials, DSHS, the courts or others, tell your advocate.  The advocate can help you address concerns, and make sure that your needs are met.   We know that if you are impacted by  violence it can be difficult to keep everything in your life moving smoothly. An advocate can support you, helping you make your needs and voice heard.

Personal Advocacy

You are a capable person. You know what is best for you, and an advocate is here to encourage you. Sometimes it just takes time and support to decide what you want to do, and how you want to move forward. Decisions can be difficult and we offer non biased assistance free from judgement.

Safety Planning

Violence takes many forms including  physical, financial, or emotional. Talk to an advocate and develop a safety plan that will work for you and your unique situation.  The safety plan is all about finding ways that will increase your safety.

Medical Advocacy

Violence can lead to a need for medical help. An advocate can help you get to these appointments, and sit with you during medical appointments and exams. Your voice and decisions regarding medical care are important, and an advocate will support you in this process.

Immigration Assistance

Immigration assistance is an important issue for people who have been the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or other major crimes.  We are able to provide referrals and document assistance through  Legal Advocacy.

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